Lori Grimes is a main character in
The Walking Dead comic and tv series.
Inside Episode 206 The Walking Dead Secrets06:38

Inside Episode 206 The Walking Dead Secrets

Lori is the wife of Rick who had an affair with Shane. Lori is also the mother of Carl and Judith. Sarah Wayne Callies potrays Lori Grimes.

TV SeriesEdit

Lori Grimes and Carl head to the Atlanta camp with Rick's partner Shane. Lori has an affair with Shane, thinking that Rick is dead. Rick reunites with Lori and Carl. When Carl is shot, Lori stays beside Carl's side. Lori finds out she is pregnant. She tells Rick that she is pregnant and she had an affair with Shane. Lori tries to keep Beth Greene from commiting suicide. When the farm is overun, Lori leaves with T-Dog and Beth. Lori reunites with Rick and Carl. Lori is saddened by Rick killing Shane. When Rick finds the prison, Lori thanks Rick. The prison is overun by walkers, Lori heads off with Maggie and Carl. Lori dies while giving birth to her baby.

Comic SeriesEdit

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