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Mika Samuels is a character in the tv series. Mika is the younger sister of Lizzie. Mika looks up to Carol.

TV SeriesEdit

Mika, Lizzie, Luke, and Molly name the walkers at the fence, when they are confronted by Carl. When her father dies, Carol looks after Mika and Lizzie. When the Governor arrives at the prison, Mika along with Luke, Molly, and Judith are leaving, when Lizzie tells them that they need to defend themselves. Lizzie shoots the Governor's soilders, but Mika can't. Mika, Lizzie, Tyreese, and Judith leave the prison. Carol finds Mika, Lizzie, Judith, and Tyreese. Mika and Carol discover a pecon grove. Mika discovers Lizzie feeding a walker, when they are chased by walkers. Mika gets saved by Lizzie and begins shooting the walkers. Carol and Tyreese find Lizzie after she killed Mika, to prove that walkers are people too. Carol stabs Mika in the head to prevent reanimation. Mika is buried next to Lizzie.

Interesting FactsEdit

  • Mika is killed by Lizzie, just like Billy is killed by Ben.
  • Mika is the tv series counterpart of Billy.

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